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Christian Althaus (31, Germanist) is the man behind DIGITAL SOUTH. In 1999he released the EP "Golden Area" on Finlands "golden boy" Saehko/PUU (JimiTenor, Nicole Willis). The record not only conquered the playlists of manyreputable radio stations such as 1Live (Klaus Fiehe), Radio 1 (Gudrun Gut),BBC UK (Connor Garrett), Radio Fritz (Frauke Niemayer), Ö, but also chartedin various magazines and record stores such as Freebase (Frankfurt),Fluffwax (UK), Ö . Releases: 1996 FLEXON comes to live. Christian Althaus, J.P. Janzen (Urlaub in Polen,Kleine Wohnen) and M.O. Herling (LFQ) found the electro-dub-funk-projectFLEXON.1998 The first record with D.DIGGLER (Raummusik) starts like a bomb.1999 DIGITAL SOUTH  debut on Saehko (Golden Area EP)2000 Club and festival performances (Tresor Berlin, Atnal-Festival Berlin,Stromkult/Cosmotopia Dortmund, Lumen Bochum, Gebaeude 9  Koeln. VEB  Siegen,Ö)2002 1st  12" on BOXER RECORDINGS "Spring" (M.Schaffhäuser Remix)2002 1st  cd on  BOXER RECORDINGS “Soul of King”2002 2nd 12” on BOXER RECORDINGS “Happiness is easy”(M-Flux Remix)