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After almost two years, mother label BOXER Recordings proudly announces its new album release: prospective pharmacist Nicolas Matuszczak comes up with 10 of the world’s finest pearls, full of sparkling charm, sense and sensibility, lightness and elegance that only a young French debutant from Nîmes can create. “Might is right”, his first and only 12’’ maxi release on Kickboxer, was praised by DJ Koze, Dominik Eulberg and many others and entered the charts. And this is exactly the point where his album continues: electronic, playful and cosy, homey sounds. But MATZAK is far from being an outmoded songwriter. He knows very well where and when to place the sound planes, he knows the inherent beauty and details of the drums and the powerful energy of the piano when placed at the right time. And apart from his impressive musical skills and his extraordinary feeling for the right moment, his strength lies in the nice and intimate stories he loves to tell in his tracks. His album “Life Beginnings” is literally pregnant with meaning: it has been created over a period of nine months and accompanies a growing love and the growing new life of his daughter. Ultrasonic scan by scan, feeling by feeling. This album is MATZAKS very private confession to love, hope and harmony.