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For our new 1+1 series on Boxersport, we could get hold of two French rough diamonds. Breathtakingly outstanding from all the demos.
First Maxime Dangles, already known for his KOMPAKT Extra & K2 releases that caused a worldwide furore. And second Nicolas Masseyeff, a newcomer from Cannes and among the Herzblut label artists. 

Maxime Dangles from Nimes continues at the point where he stopped with his Speicher release. A pumping bass drum, a pushing bass line and a smart siren – and no one will leave, we will all sink, with style and music.Well, in other words, Maxime shows why everyone went crazy when he performed live at the Sonar festival: he puts life into your inner techno creature. 

Nicolas Masseyeff flies over from France with a melancholic long-haul bomber. In more than ten minutes flight time, “Mélancholie d’avril” vaguely reminds of Simon Baker’s super hit “Plastik”, but it is deeper, more emotional &  touching. First positive reactions are evenly spread on to both sides. And we are really happy that we could please everybody. Best regards from the Boxers of all weight classes.