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While our electronic steel hammer called Dusty Kid says hello to the worldwide Techno community on his world tour we take care about the next DJ feeding. We have another 2 outtakes from the “A raver’s diary” album for you. MOTO PERPETUO und THE FUGE have already convinced Dj Hell, Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth and other celebrities of the turntables. As if this wasn’t enough we add two more tracks. The first one is called AMAZON which is a great new unreleased track by Dusty Kid. A magic one – that’s for sure. The second one is the winner of the FOEM remix competition. After we heard hundreds of remixes we agreed that Oblivion have to be the one who will be presented on this 12”. A smashing house track with minimal influences and a great stylish drumming. But ... hear yourself !