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For the Boxer jubilee, we have organised a top-class heavyweight fight:

Martin Eyerer, head of Kling Klong, and Florian Meindl, chief of Flash
Recordings, have entered into the boxing ring for a two-round title fight:

In the first round, „The Rush“—supported by tactical advice given by the
trainer—is a fast and merciless series of left jabs followed by sappy, powerful
uppercuts and hooks that leave the opponent completely unprotected.


After a short break, the referee’s gives the command „box“, and the
showdown starts again:

"Slow Groover" is as light-footed as Muhammad Ali at his best:
always on its toes, full of grace, and with surprising and powerful left-right
punch combinations that often end up in a clinch.

And with resounding applause, a technically ambitious two-round fight is
over, and there are no losers, only winners.

So, raise your fist, get your boxing belt on, and meet you on the dance