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Welcome to the Silly Season Tour with two promising teams that had a great qualifying. Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the new starting lineup:


Hemman & Daden from the racing stable Freude Am Tanzen / Musik Krause excel in perfect teamwork. Notebook-based and by systematic fine tuning, they have managed to present a dream start at the Third Grand Prix de Techno. Tuning is fun and that’s why this track is called „Bassboxer Mix“. Underneath, there is a mighty buzzing and above, there are smart hiheads. In the second and third sector in particular, the duo shows the best lap time with merciless efficiency. The inevitable pit stop/break is professionally done in 9 seconds, drum roll inclusive . Go for it! Team 2: PATRICK CHARDRONNETPatrick, known for his races for Raum...Musik & Poker Flat, has become one of the top newcomers thanks to his most elegant driving style. After a smooth start, he drops a bit behind, but his fans don’t care. Because everyone knows that his turbo bass is going to detonate in lap two. The pit stop box is vibrating and the fans at the grandstand are mafficking. He is catching up, but the driving style is really exhausting: Patrick has to come to the pit stop three times. He meets his stony-faced fans with a rhythmic motor howling and an almost unbelievable burning rubber start from the pit stop. He accelerates like a dragon racer.Insiders say that the box was vibrating for another 14 minutes after his finish...