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DUOTEQUE!! „Who the hell are Duoteqque?“ This was the master question as far as Boxer 025 was concerned.In the meantime, some of you know, but after this 12“ release, everybody will know.Actually, Duoteque is congenial Tech House sound from Italy. And this time, Andrea Fearlin and Dusty Kid have produced a stunning first class record.„Drug Queen“ is a real pusher perfect for he prime time, it’s the ultimate weapon with a killer bass.At the moment, Michael Mayer, Tiefschwarz and Dominik Eulberg are all playing this track again and again.Whoever thinks that we are exaggerating excessively again we recommend listen to this record very loudly …really, really loudly!And then, any further comments will surely be unnecessary. Duoteque’s second track „Elektronischze“ comes along in a devil-may-care and fresh style and is our insider’s tip on the flip side: a deep, smooth, Electro-like hit that slowly comes from behind and suprises you at the front. Spiced up with finest vocoder voices, Duoteque have managed to create a bit of 80s retro music that doesn’t sound retro at all. Got it? „Moma“ is even deeper, it’s more soul, it’s more ecstatic.„I see the lights going on. A sea of sweating young bodies who don’t want to stop dancing to the rhythm. I see DJs raising their lighters to the beat of their final record. And the coloured spots are flickering towards the dawning day. LittleFish, Big Fish swimming in the water…“