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What you hear is a big sigh of relief from Boxersport: "Finally!"

The two nice guys from Bremen are back.

"Hi Freaks!"

In 2006, they launched their own label HI-FREAKS and have successfully pushed it forward with a number of stunning live as well as DJ gigs. Lots of hard work and sweat, and a remarkable performance in times of conomic revival. Not to forget that that Bremen has always been an important town for business and industry in Germany.

Since 1358 precisely, when Bremen entered the Hanseatic League. That's for optimizing your knowledge...

And apart from beer, coffee and fish, here comes another superior export article from the Hanseatic City:

the maximum of minimal Techno music made by Maurice and Jörg.

Oh...and by the way: we regret having to tell you that at the moment, it looks as if we have to revise our announcement on the recent promo sheet for Goldfish & der Dulz: Colonge's Soccer Club - FC

Köln - won't make it in the Premiership this year.

But we can offer you a stunning remix version from Cologne-based DASO Franke instead, who is already famous for his stylish releases on labels such as Connaisseur and MBF (Traum Schallplatten).

This one is another proof of his skills. A real blockbuster. Bravo! DASO!